Among many things, the technology we have in-house and the Intellectual Property (IP) we hold, sets us apart from the competition as we work towards Disrupting Tobacco™.



Within our 53,000 square foot warehouse is the technology to mass-produce the highest quality hemp cigarettes that consumers will enjoy.

How does it all work? We hope that investors will take the opportunity to visit our facility, but here is a quick breakdown of how our hemp cigarettes are manufactured:


It all starts with the raw product. We source only the purest California-grown hemp to include in our products. We choose hemp cultivars that are rich in CBD (cannabidiol), other cannabinoids such as CBG (cannabigerol), and terpenoids that give hemp its flavor and aroma.

The hemp is placed into a hopper that separates the molecules, ensuring the finest blend of hemp molecules is rolled into the hemp cigarette to ensure a smooth burn.

Roll it up

The paper of choice (usually hemp-based) is fed into our machine, which simultaneously brings a hemp filter down while rolling the paper around the hemp and the filter in a cigarette form. The paper is glued in the machine to secure the paper, hemp, and filter.

As the newly rolled hemp cigarettes make their way down the Fingal, an ocular inspection is conducted by our Quality Assurance team before moving onto the packaging stage.


This is where we are able to get as creative as possible, bringing our brands to life through their visuals, logo, colors, and packaging of choice. Our machinery separates the hemp cigarettes into packs of 20, and they are wrapped in foil, and the white-label brand’s packaging envelops the whole product. Finally, the product is wrapped in cellophane, placed in cartons or display cases per the partner’s request, and sent off to the brand, distributor, or retailer.



Hempacco owns the instrumental Intellectual Property (IP) for hemp cigarettes, positioning us as “the first innovation to disrupt a $1 Trillion industry”. We are the only hemp cigarette company with the capacity to manufacture thousands of hemp cigarettes a day within our own facility.



The IPs we currently hold include a licensed patent for technology to infuse herbal smoking blends of cannabis cigarettes with terpenoids to alter therapeutic effects of the blends, with a goal to create a portfolio of functional herb and hemp cigarettes with various new combinations of flavors, aromas, and functions.

Terpenoids provide the aroma and taste of hemp, holding various therapeutic properties, such as calming or energizing, and may offer different effects to the consumer.

Hempacco also owns the IP on hemp filters, which are fully biodegradable. At present, cigarette filters are made of plastic acetate that has no potential of breaking down and causes further harm to the environment in addition to the toxicity of tobacco smoke.

Disrupting Tobacco™, One Patent at a Time

The company also has over 12 patents in process in regards to manufacturing, processing, design, merchandising, customer experience, retail trademarks, and licensing agreements for hemp cigarettes.

As a company that started small with a vision of Disrupting Tobacco™ through hemp, we are trying to be humble despite our potential. However, to this date, Hempacco has IP that companies like Phillip Morris (PM), 22nd Century Group (XXII), Reynolds American (RAI), and TAAT Lifestyle and Wellness Inc (TAAT) do not currently have.

Ideally, as the potential of hemp cigarettes is realized, Hempacco will be the “gatekeeper” of the crucial technologies for the best hemp cigarettes with terpenoid infusions that one can find on the globe.