Cannabis Stock Market Analysis and Predictions

Jorge Olson

May 9, 2023


The cannabis industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, fueled by the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in various countries and states across North America, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This expansion has led to an increasingly diverse and innovative market, presenting numerous investment opportunities for those interested in capitalizing on the thriving sector. As a result, many investors are now looking to explore this burgeoning market by investing in cannabis stocks, specifically focusing on CBD and cannabis companies that are publicly registered or traded on the OTC market. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive update on the latest cannabis stock trends, with a special emphasis on the North American market, including the ticker symbols of companies like Green Globe International (GGII).

Some of the key market trends observed in the cannabis industry across the United States, Canada, and Mexico include:

  1. Legalization and regulatory changes: The ongoing wave of cannabis legalization has played a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s growth. In the United States, more states are adopting medical and recreational marijuana laws, while Canada has fully legalized cannabis at the federal level. Mexico is also moving towards legalizing recreational marijuana, further expanding the market potential in the region.
  2. Increased consumer demand: The growing public acceptance of cannabis and CBD products has led to a surge in consumer demand, driving the growth of the cannabis market. This demand has spurred innovation in product offerings, ranging from wellness-focused CBD products to recreational marijuana consumables.
  3. Industry consolidation and M&A activity: The cannabis industry has witnessed a rise in merger and acquisition activity, as companies aim to establish a strong presence in the market and expand their product portfolios. This trend is expected to continue as the industry matures and competition intensifies.
  4. Technological advancements: Advancements in cultivation techniques, extraction methods, and product formulation have contributed to the development of more efficient and effective cannabis and CBD products. This progress has not only helped improve product quality but has also led to reduced production costs and increased profit margins for companies.
  5. Emergence of niche markets: The cannabis industry’s expansion has given rise to various niche markets, such as CBD-infused beverages, cosmetics, and pet products. These niche markets present unique opportunities for investors looking to diversify their cannabis stock portfolios.

With these trends in mind, we will highlight Green Globe International (GGII) and its subsidiaries, discussing the innovative CEO and the strides made by GGII in its early stages. By examining these companies and considering the broader market trends, investors can make informed decisions about which cannabis stocks to invest in.

This comprehensive analysis of the latest cannabis stock trends will delve into the specifics of the companies mentioned, their innovative CEOs, and how they have adapted to the rapidly evolving market landscape. Furthermore, we will explore the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the North American cannabis industry, examining how these factors can impact investment decisions.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and mature, staying informed about market trends and key players is essential for investors looking to capitalize on the sector’s potential. By understanding the dynamics of the North American market and the unique opportunities it presents, investors can make well-informed decisions and potentially reap significant rewards from their cannabis stock investments.

Green Globe International


Green Globe International (GGII) is a fast-moving consumer goods incubator and holding company, focusing on intellectual property, products, and companies that enhance people’s lives by helping them feel and look better inside and out (Source: Green Globe International). The company has interests in multiple brands and businesses, including Green Star Labs, Inc., which specializes in nutritional supplements, CBD, and beauty products, and Hempacco Co. Inc., a hemp CBD cigarette and rolling paper manufacturer aiming to disrupt the $1 trillion tobacco industry.

GGII’s portfolio also includes subsidiaries and joint ventures such as HempBox Vending , Inc., a vending and advertising company; Hempacco Paper Company, Inc., producing hemp smokables and paper smoking products; Cali Vibes, Inc., manufacturing cannabinoid cigarettes; HempHop Smokables, Inc., partnering with music producer and rapper Rick Ross; Cheech and Chong Smokables, Inc., delivering cannabinoid hemp CBD cigarettes in collaboration with Cheech and Chong; and StickIt USA, Inc., manufacturing a line of cannabinoid sticks.

Under the strategic guidance of CEO Sandro Piancone, Green Globe International (GGII) is committed to developing innovative solutions for a better quality of life and promoting sustainability in their product offerings. The company, publicly traded under the ticker symbol GGII, continually seeks best-in-class companies, products, and patents to create fast-moving consumer goods and explore new channels to sell them, including retail automation and advertising platforms.

GGII and its Subsidiary Hempacco

Medical Cannabis crop almost ready for harvesting on a legal grow farm

Green Globe International, through its subsidiary Hempacco, envisions a diverse range of eco-friendly products tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of its customers. Some of the company’s envisioned product categories include:

Partnership with Snoop Dogg:

Green Globe International, through its majority-owned subsidiary Hempacco, has formed a joint venture with entertainment icon and entrepreneur Calvin Broadus, Jr., also known as Snoop Dogg, to develop a consumer-packaged goods line (Source: Newsfile Corp.). The newly formed California limited liability company, HPDG, LLC, will be jointly owned by Hempacco and Snoop Dogg, and will focus on creating, manufacturing, and marketing a variety of consumer products, including smokable hemp products, hemp paper, blunts, vapes, and edibles.

This partnership aligns with Hempacco’s mission to disrupt the nearly $1 trillion tobacco industry by offering hemp cigarettes, smoking paper, and other alternatives to nicotine tobacco. With Snoop Dogg’s involvement, the joint venture aims to capitalize on his brand recognition and market presence to drive distributor and wholesaler participation in the fast-moving consumer goods vertical. The partnership envisions a portfolio of brands encompassing smokables, nutritional supplements, skincare, and other categories, leveraging Snoop Dogg’s influence to promote these eco-friendly and innovative products.

Hempacco’s Partnership with Healthy Grains:

Green Globe International, through its subsidiary Hempacco, has a new international partnership with Healthy Grains S.A., a Paraguayan agricultural conglomerate. The newly formed joint venture, Hempire Paraguay E.A.S., will be equally owned by Hempacco and Healthy Grains S.A., with operations based in Paraguay. This strategic alliance will focus on producing a new line of hemp cigarettes and aims to export to over thirty countries worldwide, furthering Hempacco’s mission of disrupting the nearly $1 trillion tobacco industry (Source: Newsfile Corp.).

Through this partnership, Hempacco will contribute its machinery, technology, and intellectual property to produce hemp cigarettes. Additionally, Hempacco will export hemp flower to Paraguay until Hempire Paraguay E.A.S. becomes self-sufficient in cultivating its own supply. The joint venture will also leverage Hempacco’s existing and future portfolio of celebrity partnership brands, such as Cheech & Chong, Rick Ross, and Snoop Dogg, to manufacture and export various hemp cigarette brands to customers worldwide.

Healthy Grains S.A., Latin America’s largest agricultural business exporter, will provide the manufacturing facilities, its portfolio of sixteen international certifications and validations that guarantee product quality, and years of experience in carbon-positive hemp production. The company will also introduce its distributors, access to the vast Brazilian market, and a talented sales team with experience exporting to over thirty countries.

As the first and only certified (by SGS USA) carbon-positive hemp producer globally, Healthy Grains S.A. envisions the hemp industry as an opportunity for an industrial revolution with significant environmental and social impacts. The company provides technical, agronomic, and financial support to small farmers and indigenous communities in Paraguay to start cultivating hemp.

With this joint venture, Green Globe International, through Hempacco, is poised to expand its reach in the Latin American cannabis stock market and create innovative, eco-friendly products that benefit indigenous communities in the region. This partnership aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, further solidifying its position as a key player in the green cannabis stock revolution (Source: Healthy Grains S.A. website).

Partnership with Cheech & Chong:

In a joint venture between Hempacco and Cheech & Chong’s Cannabis Company, Cheech & Chong CBD cigarettes and hemp blunt wraps have been developed and manufactured at Hempacco’s San Diego facility (Source: Newsfile Corp.). The 50/50 joint venture aims to capitalize on the iconic duo’s brand recognition and social media audience of over 12 million followers to increase sales and visibility for the Cheech & Chong-branded cannabis stock and hemp smokable products.

This partnership benefits Hempacco and its majority-owned parent company, Green Globe International (GGII), by leveraging the well-known Cheech & Chong cannabis stock brand to expand their product portfolio and reach a wider customer base. The collaboration also aligns with Hempacco’s goal of disrupting the tobacco industry with hemp-based alternatives to nicotine cigarettes.

Partnership with Rick Ross and James Lindsay:

Hempacco, a company focused on disrupting the tobacco industry with hemp-based alternatives, has entered into a joint venture with hip-hop icon Rick Ross and Rap Snacks founder and CEO James Lindsay to create Hemp Hop Smokables (Sources: Newsfile Corp.). The venture focuses on developing, manufacturing, and marketing a line of hemp CBD smokables, hemp rolling papers, and Delta 8 products.

This partnership benefits Hempacco and its parent company, Green Globe International (GGII), by leveraging the star power of Rick Ross, who has over 27 million followers on social media, and James Lindsay’s expertise in wholesale distribution and the massive network of supermarkets and convenience stores built by Rap Snacks over the last 27 years. As a result, Hempacco and GGII can expect rapid sales growth and increased visibility for the Hemp Hop Smokables cannabis stock product line.

These strategic partnerships and collaborations demonstrate Green Globe International’s commitment to fostering innovation and promoting sustainable practices within the cannabis stock sector. By working together with well-known industry partners, GGII aims to create a diverse range of eco-friendly products and services, catering to the unique needs and preferences of its customers, while driving growth and expansion in the green cannabis stock revolution.

GGII and its Subsidiary Green Star Labs: Cannabis Stock Opportunities

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Green Globe International (Cannabis Stock: GGII), through its subsidiary Green Star Labs, which it owns 50% of, has been actively pursuing various partnerships and collaborative initiatives to expand its product offerings and reach in the cannabis stock sector. These collaborations aim to drive innovation and promote sustainable solutions throughout the cannabis stock industry. Some of the key partnerships include:

Partnership with Rock Star Ambassadors: Cannabis Stock Synergy

Green Globe International Inc. (Cannabis Stock: GGII) announced the launch of a new product line, ReTune, developed in collaboration with Life Pack Organics and manufactured by Green Star Labs, Inc. (Source: Newsfile Corp.). ReTune is supported by an all-star cast of rock ‘n’ roll legends, including Rudy Sarzo, Simon Wright, Teddy “Zig Zag” Andreadis, Robert Vudu Man Sarzo, Sean McNabb, and Michael Staertow, who have all contributed to the brand’s creation.

This partnership benefits Green Star Labs and, in return, GGII (Cannabis Stock) by leveraging the experience and influence of these legendary rock stars. The ReTune product line, which includes Singer’s Life Vocal Throat Spray, Rock N’ Roll-On, and The Post Performance Recovery Cream, targets musicians and artists seeking to perform at their highest level and alleviate aches, pain, and soreness. With the support of these high-profile ambassadors, Green Star Labs and GGII (Cannabis Stock) can expect increased visibility and interest in the ReTune brand, furthering their goal of developing fast-moving consumer goods products, including nutraceutical products.

Partnership with SEA-el: Cannabis Stock Collaboration

Green Globe International (Cannabis Stock: GGII), through its fifty-percent owned entity Green Star Labs, is collaborating with SEA-el, a San Diego-based natural, ocean-infused, kelp-based skincare company, to develop and manufacture their popular facial moisturizer – Lamina Kelp Day Cream (Source: Newsfile Corp.). Green Star Labs’ FDA-certified state-of-the-art facility in San Diego supports SEA-el in research, development, and manufacturing of their high-quality skincare products.

The partnership with SEA-el is expected to contribute to Green Globe International’s growth in market share within the fast-growing Beauty & Personal Care market, which is anticipated to grow annually by 4.76% (CAGR 2022-2026) (Source: Statista). The eco-friendly Lamina Kelp Day Cream is available at Sprouts Market, Jimbo’s Naturally, Mothers Market, and online at

This collaboration reflects Green Globe International’s (Cannabis Stock: GGII) commitment to bringing fast-moving consumer goods products, including beauty products, to market, while promoting clean, natural, and sustainable alternatives within the Beauty & Personal Care industry.

Partnership with NuRevelations: Cannabis Stock Innovation

Green Globe International Inc. (Cannabis Stock: GGII) has a manufacturing license agreement between Green Star Labs, Inc., and NuRevelation, a North Carolina biotechnology company (Source: Newsfile Corp.).

The partnership grants Green Star Labs access to NuRevelation’s proprietary JoChe nanoparticle encapsulation technology, which enhances the bioavailability of nutraceuticals and cannabinoids.

This collaboration benefits Green Star Labs and, in turn, GGII (Cannabis Stock) by providing them with cutting-edge encapsulation technology that addresses common issues associated with unencapsulated ingredients, such as low solubility, poor shelf-life stability, unpleasant taste and odor, compound degradation, and high manufacturing costs. The JoChe process, which is all- natural and GRAS compliant, will give Green Star Labs and GGII (Cannabis Stock) a competitive advantage in the fast-moving consumer goods market, particularly in the nutraceutical sector.

As a result of this partnership, both Green Star Labs and NuRevelation’s customers will benefit from the combination of innovative encapsulation technology and world-class GMP and NSF-certified manufacturing capabilities. This synergy will lead to more effective products and help fulfill GGII’s (Cannabis Stock) ongoing goal of developing fast-moving consumer goods products, including nutraceuticals.

In conclusion, Green Globe International (Cannabis Stock: GGII) and its subsidiary Green Star Labs are continuously expanding their reach in the cannabis stock sector through strategic partnerships and collaborations. By leveraging the expertise of their partners and the power of innovative technologies, GGII is well-positioned to create value for their shareholders and contribute to the growth of the cannabis stock market. Keep an eye on this emerging cannabis stock, as GGII and Green Star Labs continue to make waves in the industry.

Green Globe International’s Expansion Plans:

As the cannabis stock market continues to grow, Green Globe International (GGII) is focused on expanding its operations and footprint within the industry. To achieve this goal, the company plans to explore new partnerships and collaborations, as well as invest in cutting-edge technology and research to enhance product quality and diversify its offerings. By doing so, GGII aims to capitalize on the increasing demand for cannabis and CBD products in the North American market and beyond.

One of GGII’s primary strategies for expansion involves acquiring or partnering with smaller cannabis companies and startups that demonstrate innovative potential in the cannabis stock market. By incorporating these businesses into its portfolio, GGII can leverage their unique strengths and resources to further bolster its position in the cannabis stock market. This approach also allows the company to diversify its product offerings and tap into new niche markets within the cannabis sector, ensuring a more comprehensive and robust presence in the industry.

Green Globe International’s Commitment to Sustainability:

As part of its mission to promote sustainable practices in the cannabis stock market, Green Globe International (GGII) is dedicated to environmental stewardship and the development of eco-friendly products. The company recognizes the importance of minimizing its carbon footprint and is committed to implementing sustainable practices across its operations, from cultivation to manufacturing and distribution.

In line with this commitment, GGII invests in research and development to improve the efficiency and sustainability of its cultivation and production processes. The company also seeks partnerships with businesses that share its vision for a greener cannabis stock market, such as the joint venture with Healthy Grains S.A., a certified carbon-positive hemp producer. By prioritizing sustainability in its operations, GGII aims to set an example for the cannabis stock industry, encouraging other companies to adopt similar practices and contribute to a more sustainable future.


The cannabis stock market offers an exciting and potentially lucrative investment opportunity for those interested in the expanding world of cannabis and CBD. Green Globe International (GGII) is a key player in this market, with a diverse range of innovative products and strategic partnerships that position the company for continued growth and success. By staying informed about the latest cannabis stock trends and focusing on companies like GGII, investors can make well-informed decisions about which cannabis stocks to invest in.

As with any investment, it is essential to conduct thorough research and consult with a financial advisor before making any decisions in the cannabis stock market. With a solid understanding of the market and its key players, such as Green Globe International (GGII), investors can capitalize on the growing cannabis industry and potentially reap significant rewards.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial or investment advice. The information provided is not a guarantee of future performance or success. All investments carry risks, and investors should conduct their own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any decisions regarding cannabis stocks or any other investments.

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